When you register, you have until 3rd May to agree to the terms and conditions which are as follows;

  • I hereby acknowledge and confirm our school’s entry in Wakakirri 2019.
  • I acknowledge that signed Participation and Publicity Consent Forms for each student as well as involved adults have been collected and are being retained at school.
  • I have read the rules and guidelines. I am aware of the limitations on props, sets, and with use of images. I understand that any pieces that do not comply with the Wakakirri rules & guidelines will not be permitted on stage.
  • I confirm our item is ‘G’ rated (for schools participating in the Primary Challenge) or ‘PG’ rated (for schools participating in the Secondary School Challenge or Dance School Challenge)
  • I have authorised the use of all sets, props and/or acrobatics used in, our performance and declare them to be in accordance with our school safety laws.  
  • I understand show dates can change or be cancelled due to insufficient registrations.
  • I understand that the school will be charged a $200 cleaning fee if your assigned dressing room is damaged or left unclean.
  • I understand if I am participating in the Secondary Challenge or Dance Challenge, to be eligible to win Wakakirri Awards, Secondary School productions and Dance Challenge productions must be created by students or be a 60:40 collaboration between students and teachers.
  • I understand any withdrawals (cancelations) after 3rd May 2019 will incur a $550 withdrawal penalty fee. Any withdrawal prior to this date will not occur a penalty fee.