Welcome to Wakakirri!

angeHaving been a Music & Performing Arts Teacher, involved in Wakakirri and a State Coordinator and now as the National Coordinator,  I am committed and passionate about Wakakirri.

As a new school you may have lots of questions, which is great because we have lots of answers! The first thing you should do is give me a call or send me an email.  You can ask me (or head office) anything…anytime.  The more prepared you are the better your Wakakirri experience and Show Day will be. As National Coordinator for Wakakirri, I can guide you through the starting process, rehearsal ideas, planning and presenting of your successful Story Dance item.

Here are a few things you should do first, particularly as a First Time Wakakirrian.

  • Have a wander through the Wakakirri Website and read through the Rules, Criteria and Guidelines so you have a good understanding of what you need to do.
  • Are your teachers too busy to do Wakakirri? Here’s the solution…The Wakakirri in-school program.  Wakakirri now has accredited Wakakirri specialists that can come to your school once a week for 12 weeks and do ALL the heavy lifting required to get your schools Story-Dance on stage. Your teachers can still be involved but without the pressure of being in charge.
  • Visit the Wakakirri Tutorials Online and watch these short episodes at a time that suits you.  These are student-friendly so you can watch and use them in your lessons with your students too.
  • Subscribe to Wakakirri and watch the stories on WAKA TV online, with your students; so you see the variety of stories, styles and ideas schools have had in past Story Dance items.  Your Wakakirri Story Dance needs to have an Orientation, Complication and Resolution but we want to make sure your experience doesn’t have any complication!
  • Don’t forget about our Master Classes.  It’s a PD session for you to find out everything you need to know about preparing and presenting a successful Story Dance item.

Get ready for the best time you’ll have as a school community.  Your students are about to be engaged in their learning, discovering skills, talents and personalities, share their story and excitement and have an experience they will never forget.

Always remember, you can contact me (or head office) anytime.  We’re here to help you.

We look forward to sharing your story!



Wakakirri National Coordinator

[email protected]