Don't worry if you don't have a performing arts teacher. We have one for you!

Not sure where to start? Wakakirri can provide qualified Performing Arts Facilitators that can come to your school and do most of the heavy lifting needed to create a story-dance performance. Teachers can still be involved in the process but without the pressure of being in charge! Wakakirri’s Artist in Residence Programs can be used for Wakakirri Live or Wakakirri Video events.
  • Most of our programs run across Terms 2-3, in preparation for a Term 3 performance.

  • Our programs can operate at any time during school days (lunchtimes, during class, before or after school).

  • Our programs can run as an in-school activity or as an optional extracurricular activity.
  • Minimum 20 students, maximum 50 students (more than 50 students can be accommodated, but will incur the cost of a second Wakakirri Facilitator).
  • All Artist in Residence programs require a commitment of time and support from the school’s teacher/s and students. Wakakirri will discuss this commitment with you before the program begins.
  • *A participation fee is required for schools who plan to enter either Wakakirri Live or Wakakirri Video. 

The Head Start Program (3 day workshop)
The Head Start Program is a workshop intensive that introduces the fundamentals of Wakakirri to your school. Delivered by a Wakakirri Facilitator over 3 days (in 4 X 1-hour blocks), students will have the opportunity to collaborate with each other and input original ideas while also exploring ways to create a short 3-4 minute story-dance performance. This program is best offered to students in either Term 1 or 4 for a range of purposes including – wellbeing day, curriculum outcomes, extracurricular activity, student engagement, etc.
  • $ 2420.00 inc GST

  • Begins with a phone consultation to discuss the purpose of the workshop. 
  • Includes 4 X 1-hour workshops each day targeting: story planning, choreography, production design, and performance. 
  • 3-day program completed either 1 day per week over 3-weeks or in 3-days consecutively. 
  • Includes a pre-planned story template, pre-prepared choreography, and pre-selected soundtracks for students to choose from and expand on. 
  • No costumes or set/props are required.
  • No offsite performance, a small informal presentation is conducted by the end of the program at your school.  
  • Options of tagging the workshop to our Best Start Program as a way to develop a full story-dance item and enter into Wakakirri events to provide further performance opportunities for students.
  • Suitable for primary or secondary schools

The Kick Start Program
The Kick Start Program is the easiest way to get Wakakirri into your school. A Wakakirri Facilitator will arrive with a pre-prepared 3-7 minute story-dance that includes a script, choreography, soundtrack, and lighting plan fully ready to be delivered in 12-hours of rehearsals to your students. By the end of the program, students will have developed foundational skills in the Performing Arts and will be exposed to the exciting environment of a performance space that will build confidence and social capabilities. This story dance can be presented at any of Wakakirri’s performance events, as well as any internal showcases or ceremonies at your school.
  • $3,025 inc GST.

  • Begins with a phone consultation to choose a suitable pre-prepared story-dance. 
  • Includes 12 x 1-hour weekly face-to-face rehearsals with a Wakakirri Facilitator.
  • Includes 1 X 1-hour planning session with a Wakakirri Facilitator. 
  • Includes a pre-prepared story, script, choreography, and soundtrack.
  • Includes access to digital dance lessons so students can practise at home or in class.
  • The Facilitator will provide support with administration and planning.
  • Minimal costumes and sets/props are required.
  • *Options to add extra or extend rehearsals available.
  • *Option to have the Facilitator support students on performance day (live or video).
  • Currently only suitable for primary schools.

The Best Start Program
The Best Start Program is ideal for schools that have participated in past Wakakirri events or would like more involvement in the creative process to design an original story-dance performance. A Wakakirri Facilitator will work with what your school needs to help create either the story, choreography, soundtrack, sets and props, costumes, and lighting plan for a 3-7 minute item in 12-hours of rehearsals. Facilitators can also collaborate with students in the creation of your story-dance. By the end of the program, students would have further developed their skills in the Performing Arts, while also reinforcing confidence and social capabilities. This original story can be performed at any of Wakakirri’s events, as well as internal showcases or ceremonies at your school.
  • $ 3,740 inc GST

  • Begins with a phone consultation to discuss what your school specifically requires our Facilitators to assist within the creative areas you need. 
  • Includes 12 x 1-hour weekly face-to-face rehearsals. 
  • Includes regular planning sessions and meetings with the Facilitator throughout the delivery of the program to ensure specific requirements are met.
  • *Options to add extra or extend rehearsals available. 
  • *Option to have the Facilitator support students on performance day (live or video). 
  • Potential additional costs for set/props and costumes, depending on the design of the original story.
  • Suitable for either primary or secondary schools. 

*Optional Costs for Wakakirri’s Artists In Residence Programs (all include GST):
  • Extra Rehearsals: $110.00 per session 

  • Extend Existing Rehearsals for $88.00 per hour. 
  • Facilitator full day: $385.00. 

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