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Welcome to Wakakirri!

Welcome to Wakakirri, a nationwide Festival for Australian schools that provides a platform for students to express their thoughts, ideas, and aspirations through the art of storytelling and dance. Inspired by the belief that great stories can inspire change, Wakakirri is designed to promote student engagement and well-being in schools through the creation and performance of captivating Story-Dances.

Established in 1992, the Wakakirri Story-Dance Festival is Australia’s largest performing arts event for schools. Held in term 3, this grand celebration showcases the Story-Dances from schools all across the country. With prestigious theatres in major cities and carefully selected regional areas serving as our venues, we ensure that no school is left behind. Even those in remote and regional areas can participate through our innovative Wakakirri Video platform.
At the end of the season, we recognize and honour outstanding schools for their remarkable efforts in promoting positive social change through their Story-Dances.

Need help creating your performance? We have the solution!

Schools can create their own performance for Wakakirri or they can use the Wakakirri Artist in Residence Program

The Artists in Residence program is an in-school Story-Dance creation program that schools can use throughout the year. Whether it’s for the entire school, an end-of-year concert performance, or an entry into the Wakakirri Story-Dance Festival, the AIR program offers flexibility and creativity for schools of all sizes.

With Wakakirri’s Artists in Residence program, you gain access to our team of qualified expert Story-Dance Facilitators who will visit your school and collaborate with you in crafting a captivating story-dance performance. We understand the significance of storytelling and dance in nurturing creativity and self-expression among students, and our Facilitators are committed to igniting that spark within your school.


It’s created a sense of belonging, not just within grades but across the school.
It’s one of the best things to happen here
Teacher, Northmead Creative Arts High School NSW
We thought it was an absolutely fantastic experience for our students and school community. The outcomes for our students were amazing!
Principal, Noble Park Primary School, NSW
I am so humbled by the joy that our students got out of their performance and will support Wakakirri for as long as our students want it
Principal, Mascot Primary School, NSW

Keen to find out more?

Join us on this incredible journey of creativity, expression, and inspiration. Together, let’s use the power of storytelling and dance to make a difference in our communities. Experience the magic of Wakakirri and unleash your students’ potential to inspire change.

Registrations close at the end of term 1 in your State or Territory. Register ASAP for Wakakirri live as there are limited spots. If you would like a quote for the Artist In Residence Program, information about the Inspiration Fund or anything else then please contact us directly on 02 9669 3777 or [email protected].

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